Friday, January 14, 2011

The Wall Hanging Project

So I hit up the Goodwill and Salvation Army yesterday and found a few good things.  One of which I transformed into a very cute wall hanging.  Since I have taken down all my "personal" things from my walls I needed to find something to fill them back up.  So voila!

So imagine the frame a really ugly gold color...I painted it with your basic black craft paint
I heavely starched and ironed the fabric (which im absolutely in loooove with)
Excuse me madam' but im going to have to cover you up with paper
(this is the picture that was in the ugly gold frame when I bought it).

Then I took the fabric and covered the old picture and glued it down on the back.
Put it back in the frame and there you have it!

I haven't decided where to hang this baby yet.

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