Friday, May 13, 2011

The Desirable "Cloche'

Ive been scouring the local Goodwill for weeks looking for a cheese dome.Two months ago if I had come across one of these babys I would have walked right by it.  But ever since I saw Allison Hepworths over at House Of Hepworths, ive kept my eyes peeled!  This is hers by the way.  I luff her.  Allison if your reading this *wave*....  Ok so this is mine.  
I haven't found anything to put in it yet though. 
 So I picked a flower off the tree outside for picture purposes.

Ok, ok, here it is:

Its simply made by gluing a larger wood candle stick to the bottom of a cheese dome.
If I had remembered to take the "Before" picture, you would be able to see that.  But hey, thats par for the course...

Both pieces were a medium brown color.  I gave them a light sanding before painting.  Then I  hit it with a couple coats of black then a few more of Oil Rubbed Bronze 

For a great tutorial, head on over tho HOH

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  1. OMG this looks ah-mazing! Love it!!

    Thanks for linking back to me. You rock.