Saturday, December 18, 2010

Our Trip To New York December 17th 2010

So Chris and I went to New York City for my birthday.  We visited the gigantic Christmas tree in Rockefeller Center and went ice skating.  Chris surprised me when we were getting our picture taken in front of the Christmas tree.  He got down on one knee and popped the question!!  We had a woman take the first two pictures and another one volunteered to take the other ones.  She was as excited as we were!  Also another man kept congratulating us!  Like three times he did!  Ha ha!  People clapped and "awww"ed.  It was all very nice.  Thats why I love him! 

 Ok ok, on to the pictures......

This is the front of out hotel all decorated for the holidays

This is Chris checking us in while I take a picture of...him checking us in...

The funky elevator from the outside

The funky elevator on the inside
So we went to Rockefeller Center, thats the huge tree on the right
Chris said "Lets get a picture in front of the tree.  Ill find someone to take the picture for us."

Then Bam!!

There he is putting it on my finger!!

Me-"oh my god!"
Were engaged!!!
Then we went ice skating
Notice how Chris' fly is open...hahahaha...sorry Chris, had to.

It was sooo much fun!!

Im getting married!!! Thats nuts!!

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  1. looks like it was some trip! What a lucky fiance you have!! :)