A Little About Myself...

Hi! My name is Suzanne, im 29 years young and im from Connecticut.

I have 2 cats, Ali and Pumpkin, 2 Guinea Pigs ((**Update: as of 11/26/2010, I now have only 1 guinea pig **)), Lenny and Max, and 1 dog, Chester, who lives with my parents. I am very much into animal welfare, I am all about adopting your pets and definitely against pet stores. All they do is mistreat their animals and breed in mass amounts for the sake of making money. I could go on for hours about that but I wont....nuff said. I really hate it when people get animals and dont take proper care of them....Spay and neuter your animals people!! Spay and Neuter!! Animal abuse is the worst thing in this world. Its disgusting how people can do that to harmless helpless animals. I will judge you by the way you care for your animals. Now im getting all worked up...moving on...
I have an awesome fiancĂ©e, Chris. I love him to pieces. 
I watch Antiques Roadshow. I love coffee. I love pajamas.
I loooove Jimmy Fallon
I love Owen and Luke Wilson, Will Ferrell, Vince Vaugn, Seth Rogan, Kevin James, Leah Riminni, Ben Stiller, Jerry Stiller, Jerry Seinfeld, and hate Miley Cyrus. Hate her.
I love Chuck Norris facts
I love to do things with my hands, like cook and do arts and crafts. Im not very good at sewing but I attempt it anyways. I am addicted to kitchen gadgets and absolutely cannot wait to get my first KitchenAid Stand Mixer! I still cant decide what color I want. I love finding a deal. I shop at the Salvation Army and Goodwill on a regular basis. I love flea markets and tag sales.
I collect salt and pepper shakers...THAT right there makes me a huge dork.
I love to organize stuff and be organized
I love cool pens and markers, especially if their all different colors <3 <3
So let me introduce you to everybody:
Busta, Chris' cat

Lenny, whos not with us anymore :'(


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