Friday, June 3, 2011

I did it! I sewed a zipper!

With much thanks to Cindy at skiptomylou!  In her awesome tutorial, she explained exactly how to do everything.  Im a beginner sewer and this actually came out correct.  High five!

My $3 chair

Picked up a chair at the Salvation Army on Memorial Day weekend.  Everything was half off so you just know I had to buy something.

I had never done a piece of furniture before, so this was my first.  I wanted something easy so I went with a  basic sturdy chair.

This is the before

And this is the after

I put on a few coats of Oil Rubbed Bronze and redid the cushion.
Nothing major, but it turned out cute.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Just paintin' some stuff

Picked up a few items from here, there, and everywhere.  Mainly the flea market in town.  

An old school butter crock, a planter, and a pitcher

A pair of candlesticks made in India that made it to the Salvation Army

Pillows!! Yay!!

So I read somewhere that you can make pillows out of cloth napkins.  I ran to Ocean State Job Lot and got some really cheap.  $2.00 for 4.  I snatched up 8 napkins.  
Super easy to make.  Very basic sewing (which is a good thing, because thats all I really know).

Four Seasons (and I dont mean the hotel or the group)

So I got this idea from A Diamond In The Stuff.  (Pardon my crappy pictures)

I fell in love with it the second I saw it.  I was determined to make this.  So I did.  I actually did all four seasons.

The Desirable "Cloche'

Ive been scouring the local Goodwill for weeks looking for a cheese dome.Two months ago if I had come across one of these babys I would have walked right by it.  But ever since I saw Allison Hepworths over at House Of Hepworths, ive kept my eyes peeled!  This is hers by the way.  I luff her.  Allison if your reading this *wave*....  Ok so this is mine.  
I haven't found anything to put in it yet though. 
 So I picked a flower off the tree outside for picture purposes.

Ok, ok, here it is:

Its simply made by gluing a larger wood candle stick to the bottom of a cheese dome.
If I had remembered to take the "Before" picture, you would be able to see that.  But hey, thats par for the course...

My sexy craft cart

So I have finally finished up a few projects that i've been working on! So without further ado..... 
I present you this!  My sexy craft cart (insert 'sexy whistle' here)
I picked up this baby for $4 at a tag sale.  She wasn't always so cute though. I figure I can use this in my new craft room (If I ever sell my condo), it can easily be pulled up to my workspace.